More Control Over the Blog Snapshot Tool

Taking more control over your Blog Snapshot Feed.

While the RSS Include tool allows you a lot of control over your blog feed - you might want on occasion, to have a little more control over the content of the blog. There are a couple of good CSS tags that you can use to make changes and updated using the master style sheet in your admin panel.

.rssincl-title {} = Main Title of the feed
.rssincl-itemtitle {} = Title of the article
.rssincl-itemdate {} = Article date
.rssincl-itemdesc {} = Article content

As an example, if you want to force the images in your blog to be a specific size in the snapshot, all you do is add:

.rssincl-itemdesc img {width: 200px; height: auto;}

This will change the size of your images in the snapshot and leave as you posted them in the main blog.


Snapshot Example:

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Screenshot of the RSS Include Options:


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