Forms: Is it human?

In the effort to combat spam in the online forms - we have added the ability to add a Q&A process to check if the submitter is human.

Add in the hidden field icwsAnswer, this is the "value" or answer of the question you'll be asking.

<input type="hidden" name="icwsAnswer" value="15"  />

Then add the question field icwsQuestion to your form. This can be anything such as "What is 6+9" or "What color is  ", just make sure that you make it clear and easy for a human to get the right answer.

<input type="text" name="icwsQuestion" value="" />

To add in the JavaScript validation you'll need:

if (document.myForm.icwsQuestion.value=="") {themessage = themessage + " -  Human Check\n";}

This simple process will look at the question and answer and if there is not a match - tag the submission as spam.

Check the documentation for more information.


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