Creating a Photo Album and linking it on a page

Create the Photo Album

  1. Go to Business Tools
  2. Photo Albums
  3. Type in a New Title and click Create New Album
  4. All the Options should already be setup and ready to go - so click IMAGES
  5. Click the UPLOAD Button - You can select each photo you want from your HD and add them to the Upload Panel - or - you can put the photos in a ZIP file and upload the one ZIP (or more) files.

    Note: Please be aware of your image size and the size of the ZIP file and your connection speed.
  6. If you uploaded a ZIP file, click UNZIP, when it's done processing, right click the ZIP file and delete it.
  7. Click PROCESS
  8. Click BACK HOME


Adding a thumbnail and linking to the new album

  1. From the Photo Album List, click the "L" (Link) button and copy the Link
  2. On the left main menu, go to Content Editing
  3. Page Management
  4. Edit the page where you want the link
  5. Upload your thumbnail and using the link tool, past the new link.
  6. Select the Thumb and click the Link Tool on the top toolbar
  7. Past in your link in the URL field and click OK

    Or, for the Optional Shadowbox Display:

  8. Past in your link into the URL field and click Advance
  9. In the Relationship Field add in the Shadowbox code
  10. Now click OK




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