Store Credit in WooCommerce

Give your customers the credit they deserve!

There are specific times when offering Store Credit is absolutely needed. Having store credit offer you the ability to sell Gift Certificates, provide store credit in lieu of a refund, or to soothe a bad customer experience. With all ILGM/WooCommderce installations comes the option for the Smart Coupons plugin which offers two methods.

Quick & Clean

This is the simplest method and works best when there is no expiration date.

  1. Log in as Admin and go to > Woocommerce > Coupons
  2. Enter the Email Address of the person you want to receive/use the Store Credit
  3. Enter the Amount.
  4. Send them an optional Message.

Click to view larger image.[/caption] That's it, an automated email will be sent to that address that you provided with the details and a link back to your online store. Note: After the email is sent you can then go in and add additional restrictions.

Create, Limit & Restrict

If there is a need to limit or restrict the usage of the credit, this is the approach you will want to take. Restrictions might include limiting the use to items not on sale or with other discount codes. Exclude certain products or categories of products, etc.

  1. Log in as Admin and go to > Woocommerce > Coupons
  2. Click Add New
  3. Under Discount Type > Select Store Credit
  4. Enter the Amount
  5. Add an expiration date (optional)

Usage Restrictions & Limits

  1. Set any restrictions on products, categories, the min/max they are required to spend, etc.
  2. Allowed Emails: I strongly recommend that you add the customer's email address under "Allowed emails". This will restrict the usage to this customer only. If this is a Gift Card and will be sent to someone else, still add the purchaser's email address and as them for the email address of the person that will be receiving the gift card. You can separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
  3. Usage Limits: I do not recommend setting any usage limits. If you set Times/Coupon or Times/User and the customer only spends part of the available credit, they will not be able to spend the rest on a future order.


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