Search Engine Optimization

For the past several months ILGM has been doing extensive research and development in Search Engine Technology. We have adapted many changes to iControl WebStudio to accommodate these powerful marketing mediums.

In our research we have found that when you place 8 or more consecutive links together, the Search Engine Spiders will fail to read your page. Thus leaving your site without indexing it and causing you to fall quietly down in the rankings.

It is ILGM's recommendation that you :

  • Do not have more than 9 Navigation Links in any given section. (including children)
  • Do not have more than 7 links in the same paragraph.
  • Do not have more than 7 linked image in a horizontal row.

ILGM has a Lynx text browser installed on a Red Hat Linux machine that we can do testing of your pages. Google recommends that you use a Lynx View to test your pages, as most search engine spiders contain the same restrictions and the viewer. In short, what the viewer sees, is the same thing as the spider sees.

Other ILGM recommendations for better search engine placement:

  • Do not have the calendar in the left column, unless populated with events.
  • Make sure that each page has it's own:
    • Page Title
    • Keywords
    • Description
  • Make sure that your content changes regularly.

To view your page as a spider does, submit your URL to:


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