Which WordPress Framework?

WordPress by default comes with a Text Editor and a Visual Editor - but there are still issues with managing HTML and ShortCode code for non-programming site owners.

When clients come to the WordPress environment, some may have no experience, while some may have limited experience with the free version of WordPress, either way - they typically think it is an easy drag/drop/type platform. Well - that's mostly NOT the case.

Yes, int he free version - for the most part it is. But clients don't want plain generic sites -they want bells, whistles, frills & thrills - and that takes programming, or does it?

Here at ILGM we deploy website in 3 different frameworks - WP Generic, Divi Builder and SiteOrigin, this video shows you which version you have.


Once you know which frame work you have, you can go to Edit a Page Using the DiviBuilder or Edit a Page Using SiteOrigin for instruction on updating your site content.


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