Shopping Cart Update: Item Details Page

Item Details Page

There are a few changes to the items Detail Page that will help get the details of your products in front of your customers more efficiently.

With the ability to have the details screen moved form the bottom to the right side last year, we have given you the ability to take a little more control over the information displayed here.
  1. We moved the Quantity Field under the Price Field
  2. We added the ability to display the item's thumbnail
  3. We added three (3) different options for the Type Labels
Setting up the features: (All form your cart admin)
To move the Type Details from the bottom to the right side:
  • Edit Configuration
  • Item Details Location (Right or Bottom)
To add the thumbnail:
  • Edit Configuration
  • Include Thumbnail (Checked = On)
To change the location of the Item Type Labels:
  • Edit Configuration
  • Type Label Location
  • Select Option
    • Left Side - Puts the label on the left of the field
    • In Dropdown - Puts the label in the dropdown field
    • Above Dropdown - Puts the label above the dropdown options
Cascading Style Sheet Changes (CSS)
  • Changed the Dropdown Field class to: cFormFldItemDetails
  • Changed the Quantity Field class to: cFormFldItemDetailsQty
  • Added a class for the Thumbnail: cItemDetailThumb


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