Postmaster Delivery Notifications

Have you suddenly started receiving Postmaster Deliver Notification emails? Well your not alone!

A lot of our Nuvotera (formally SpamSoap) customers have started seeing a lot of these in the past several weeks.

What Are They?

They are emails form Nuvotera letting you know that an email with a high risk attachment (usually a virus) was detected and deleted.

Why so many now?

With all the cyber posturing going on between countries like Russia, China and N. Korea - the hackers are flooding the internet with the attachments in hops of slowing things down, finding someone gullible enough to open the email and/or just to be spiteful! Their jerks, what more can I say.

What can I do to stop all the notifications?

If you no longer want to receive these emails you can either submit a support ticket and we will turn off the notifications for you, or if your an admin of your Nuvotera account you can follow these instructions and turn them off yourself.

  1. Log into your Admin Console
  2. Click on Email Protection
  3. Click on Policies
  4. Click on Default Inbound
  5. Click Edit
  6. Click Attachments
  7. Click Notifications
  8. Uncheck Denied Delivery under "To the recipient..."

If your not an admin of your Nuvotera account, give me a call and we can discuss adding you as an admin.


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