Twitter kills RSS/XML Feeds

Twitter officially adopted version 1.1 of its API, deprecating support for longstanding features such as RSS in the process.

RSS and Atom are the two major formats for serving up web feeds. These feeds can include text, audio, video and other types of media. While most users use RSS as a way to subscribe to web content from a blog or podcast — the format can also be used as a way to subscribe to tweets.

Most aggregation apps (like iControl WebStudio) are being rewritten using Twitter's 1.1 APIs, but its important to note another change: Twitter's 1.1 API now requires authentication via OAuth 1.0a for all endpoint apps. In other words, we will now require your userrname/password. The OAuth requirement has the potential of stopping abusive behavior — but it has another side effect too — it means Twitter can control and monitor who is using its data and how that data is being used.

Right no we have not released the new API as we are still making sure that what Twitter is doing will meet PCI Security Complaint. Customers using the Twitter feed - will see the old posts - but no new updates. If you not comfortable with the new requirements form Twitter - you can delete your feed form your website.


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