Mobile Phones & Ecommerce Sales?

Sitting down this morning watching CBS This Morning I saw something that caught my attention.  There was a short piece on Black Friday vs Cyber Monday and all the hoop-la about credit fraud - but it was in between the lines of the story that i found interesting.

This vs That

First they made the comment that this years online sales on Thanksgiving Day would exceed 2013 by 24% and Black Friday online purchases would exceed by 24% and that retail stores would see a decrease in sales by 11%.

An interesting fact in itself - and full of all sorts of discussion points - but one comment made was that purchasers (all of us) are more comfortable buying online than at a retail store that may or may not have been hacked.

I get that - folks got a little freaked out this summer and that's understandable and with the piece on 60 minutes last night stating that 97% of all businesses have been breached - their fear might be justifiable?

Between the Lines

That's was the bulk of the story, but what I found interesting was a some of the "lessor" stats that got tossed up on the screen form the National Retail Federation.

Devices used for online shopping: Their stats state that 84.5% of all online sales was done on a home computer and 12.2% of sales was done form a work computer. They qualified a "computer" as a desktop, laptop or tablet - and NOT smart phones.

So I'm no genius - but that leaves less then 4% for mobile phone sales using websites with pages/aps designed specifically for the smaller platformed smart phones?

As a web developer this interest me a great deal! It's an interesting set of facts that should be considered when planing out our 2015 online strategies!




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