Shopping Cart Updates

New Additions

  1. Updated Order/Shipping Status
  2. Complete Redesigned of the customer Invoices
  3. Multiple Tracking Numbers per Order
  4. Ability to have No-Charge Local Pickup Option
  5. Ability to accept subscriptions
  6. Ability for Automatic Recurring Billing
  7. Ability to manage ARB Subscriptions
  8. Complete over-haul of the Customer Portal
    1. Summary Screen: History, Subscriptions, Stats, Most Popular
    2. Order History: View All Past Orders
      1. See all orders
      2. Complete Order Detail
    3. Reorder a items
    4. Cancel subscriptions
    5. Modify Account Information
  9. Added Notes Fields to Customer Record
  10. Added One-Time Use Discount Codes
  11. Added a dollar amount (vs percentage) for discounts
  12. Added COMPANY to Shipping Information
  13. Added a secondary email field for Shipping Information
  14. Upgraded the Bar Graphics in the Admin Area
  15. Modifications tot he Admin Order Report Screen
  16. Modified the Shadowbox Image Display System


  1. Separated Shipping Information
  2. Order Archiving - Customer Details
  3. PCI Compliance Updates
  4. Customer Reports
  5. Category Ordering


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