Mail System Upgrades

The following change list applies to 7.06 (and earlier releases)

• FIX: CRITICAL: Security update for MailEnable Messaging Platform (all versions)
• ADD: SYSTEM: Performance counters now available for 64 bit Performance Monitor
• FIX: IMAP: IMAP tries to log to the audit log failed logins
• FIX: MMC: No Release button in Quarantine
• FIX: WEBMAIL: Webmail may raise an exception when viewing account summary screen with old Versions of MailEnable base (Hoodoo)
• FIX: MMC: Admin Program is missing two action popup menus on quarantine items
• FIX: MMC: Uninstalling a webmail skin causing MMC exception
• FIX: MMC: Viewing a skin in the new MMC admin does not work correctly
• FIX: WEBADMIN: Script error accessing web admin using IE 10 on Windows
• FIX: IMAP: IMAP may raise an exception if client requests a poorly formatted message range
• FIX: INSTALL: MEInstaller is not removing the 3.5 .NET controls from web.config
• FIX: MMC: Added generic exception handing in new MMC, that will email exceptions direct to MailEnable
• FIX: MMC: Error message would occur when opening read receipt messages without subjects
• FIX: MMC: Could not reliably save custom blacklists in new MMC
• FIX: MMC: SSL certificate setting was not reliably saving when selected in MMC admin
• FIX: MOBILE: Mobile WebMail Sender Addresss may appear as blank
• FIX: MMC: With Version 7, all new mail boxes are initially created with a 0 KB quota
• FIX: MMC: Deleting from quarantine (and perhaps others) does not remove command and message file
• FIX: WEBMAIL: Deleting selected tasks in web mail could corrupt task index
• FIX: MIGRATION: Migration utility was not setting message flags after migrating messages via IMAP
• FIX: IMAP: Improved handling/scalability of inbound SSL communication with IMAP protocol
• FIX: MMC: NET error when creating a new host header for web mail in new mmc when MailEnable Web mail does not exist under IIS
• FIX: EAS: IOS devices will not show complete message list when they contain items with the SMS message class
• FIX: EAS: Out of Office not implemented for EAS
• FIX: New mailboxes created in the MMC were applied with quota flag set
• FIX: Improvements to EAS with respect to Galaxy S3 (reduces inbox refreshing by formatting change responses differently)
• FIX: Deleting of Quarantined items in the Management Console would only remove the command file and not the message file
• FIX: New MMC was not able to save save scripted filters on 64 bit installations
• FIX: Installation on Windows 8 or Windows 2012 may fail to create WebMail and WebAdmin web sites
• IMP: Webmail layout and style improvements


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