Installing TeamViewer

This article will walk you through installing TeamViewer. These images are form Windows10's Edge Browser set to default download settings.


Go to

Click on the Download TeamViewer Button


Click on the "Save As" button to save the download file on your Desktop.


Make sure to save the file on your Desktop.


Once the file is finished downloading, go to your desktop and double click the file. It should be something like TeamViewer_Setup.exe

On the Setup Screen, select "Basic Installation" and "Personal/Non-Commercial Use" then click the Accept - Finish button.


Depending on your computer settings, you may need to approve the installation.

When the installation is complete, click the Close button (lower right) on the Welcome Screen.


When you launch TeamViewer you'll get the control panel.


You can close the Contacts Tab (right) you will not need it.

The two most important items you'll need are the "Your ID" numbers and the "Password".

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