Content is the critical component of a business website

Content is King - A fresh, young and lively King makes a Great Ruler!

Your content is the critical component of your website, it is the first impression that most visitors will see (or read).

A key component of an Internet Marketing Campaign is to have a concise, organized, well written, attractive "landing space". Once you have this, you can confidently drive viewers to your site via the Internet & traditional marketing methods.

The main purpose of a business website is to provide information about products & services in order to promote them. The way text information is presented (content) is important since it encourages or discourages visitor interaction. Content also effects the way a website is found & ranked in search engines.

Website Content Do's

  • Put your most important information on the top portion of your home page - so your customers can read it without having to scroll down.
  • Use headline titles - Break up a large block of text by using topic headers or titles. This facilitates scanning, which is what most people do.
  • Use short sentences - Most people will scan your website - short sentences makes this easier.
  • Use whitespace to break up large text blocks & use bullets for lists - Again, this makes for easy scanning and puts greater emphasis on your content.
  • Use at least a 11px font size - Small font size is hard to read, so use at least a 11px size or HTML font size 2 for your font. San serif fonts are easier to read on screen so use Arial or Verdana fonts.
  • Update your content - Keep your content fresh and up to date. Move old content to an archive section - but keep the archive available online.

Website Content Don'ts

  • Don't use ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or underlines to provide emphasis. ALL CAPITAL LETTERS, by web convention, is equal to shouting and is considered rude. Underlined text, especially with blue underline, is often confused for links.
Instead, to provide emphasis consider using:
• Bullets 
1. Numbers

Separate Paragraphs With Colored Title Header

Use Bold or Italics or Both

But keep the page simple - employing all these ideas or to ny of them) to one page will


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