Fighting Online Fraud

Dealing with International Credit Cards and Shipments.

Online payment fraud is rampant. Whether it is because it’s easier to steal anonymously, or because tracking down someone over the net and prosecuting them is difficult if not impossible, online fraud hits everyone who takes payments online.

One more additional step you can take is to limit which countries you'll take credit cards form and which countries you'll ship to.

Step 1:

From your admin tool, under Store Configuration > Click Edit Configuration and under site switches choose if you'll accept international credit cards and if you'll ship internationally.

Step 2:

If you're going to ship internationally you have the ability to specify which countries you'll ship to. Next, under Store Configuration > Click Available Countries List.

From here you have the ability deactivate specific countries, add, edit and delete countries. You can only delete a country if it is NOT assigned to an existing Customer Record.

Modifying this list - changes what your customers cam select for their Billing Country and their Shipping Country.

If you are using the Shipping Configuration based on Country - this list is also affected.


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